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September 2022 Newsletter

Taking document storage stress off your plate...

While the UK was basking in a heatwave, our perspicacious pooches were working their paws off looking after all our client’s document storage and confidential waste disposal needs.


It’s made Shreddit very hungry, and when he finds out The Big Breakfast is back on our TV screens again, it makes him feel even hungrier.


“You know,” says Fetchit, “we almost share a birthday with the Big Breakfast.”


Shreddit raises an eyebrow. “Almost?”


“Well, they launched on 28 September 1992. Just after we opened our doors…”


Shreddit raises the other eyebrow. ” Just? 


“Well, a few months after. But we soon became the UK’s leading document management solutions specialist,” says Fetchit, smugly. “By the way, talking of new starts – where’s our baby sister?

“You don’t want to know,” growls Shreddit, wearily. “Indexit’s telling her another bedtime story. This is the one about the pound and the lira being forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism in…”


“September 1992? Black Wednesday?” whines Fetchit.


Shreddit nods. “I think she’d rather hear about the Princess and the Bone. But at least it’s put her to sleep. When it comes to that we can’t compete. Oh, talk of the devil…”


“Talking about competitions?” asks Indexit. “Then we should tell everyone that the winner of our last 30th anniversary competition was Hannah White from Ashcroft LLP, and a lovely celebratory bottle of champagne is already on its way.”

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