Once you've set up your account with us, just sit back and relax. We'll collect, store, retrieve and dispose of your archives and documents – just tell us what you need


You'll be surprised just how little it'll cost you.

And after the initial set up fee, we won't charge you another penny for when we collect and archive storage boxes for you - and there's no minimum requirement for our document storage facility: we’ll organise and collect 1 box or thousands of boxes, according to your needs.


storageboxes.jpgEach box is labelled with a bar code,  your unique customer code and box number, to maintain confidentiality, and assigned a unique shelf position in our secured warehouse. We use the industry - leading Oneil bar coding system to scan, monitor and track your archive storage efficiently, and we can check all file and box movement history through this system.


If your GDPR requirements are to store confidential documents offsite, look no further as we offer the solution by holding your records in a secure monitored offsite location with easy access via our retrieval service, delivering directly to your office or place of work.


Our ISO 9001 quality management system means we follow strict procedures from start to finish to ensure your important documents are kept safe at every point in the collection, storage and retrieval chain.


To keep the volume of boxes in document storage managed so that you don’t store boxes long after their required retention period, we offer a destruction service, you can set reminders initially or just inform us once they are ready for disposal, we send out a consent form and once that is signed we destroy the relevant boxes( a certificate of secure destruction is then issued as with our other confidential waste services). This keeps your box numbers down saving unnecessary costs. However, if you wish for us to continue to archive storage boxes that have been in our warehouse for some time, there is of course no issue

What if I want to destroy documents?


Our document storage facility is run on a closed basis, no visitors are permitted to enter our warehouses without a prior appointment.


We monitor the warehouse temperature and humidity on a daily basis, have regular PAT and circuit testing and a quarterly pest control check. Our CCTV can be monitored 24 hours a day and we reside on a gated estate (please ask for a full information document on our storage and security facilities).


You can rest assured that the contents of your files will remain confidential. To ensure that your documents are protected, all of our staff members wear branded uniforms, sign confidentiality agreements, and undergo the appropriate Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks.


Just remember, no document storage task is too big!


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Document Management Life Cycle

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