Running alongside our confidential waste collections for businesses is our domestic confidential waste & shredding collection service. We can help you destroy your personal and domestic papers, so that you are safe in the knowledge that you arn't at risk from identity theft.


Whether you are clearing out a relative's attic for them or tidying up your own papers that have built up over the years, bills, bank statements, letters and all those other papers that you don't feel comfortable just throwing in the rubbish, we can provide the simple, convenient solution to provide you peace of mind at an affordable price.


We offer prompt collection of confidential waste, so personal papers dont sit around for weeks. We can organize regular, Ad Hoc or one-off collections, whether it's 1 bag or far more we can work according to your needs. We'll store waste securely until it is shredded on site by our partner company to specific the British industry standards BS EN15713.


We are always happy to send or drop off some sacks depending where you are, there's no time limit, you don't pay up front and only pay for the amount of sacks you use


 If you need Computer Tapes, Discs, Hard Drives, Laptops, PC Towers etc confidentially destroyed, this secure service is available for you too, we have find more and more people working from home & those simply with old family computers & equipment they no longer need to keep, require this convenient solution that gives you valuable peace of mind.

All we require is that they are put in a separate bag or box from paper waste.

You receive an initial waste transfer not upon collection as required by the Environment Agency. We are issued an itemised certificate of destruction as soon as the items have been shredded at our site( in the case of computer hard ware, items are shredded in a special shredder at our shredding partners site, a certificate of secure destruction is issued for all items). We then issue you with your certificate of secure destruction.


Doxbond are registered and licenced to carry and store waste by the Environment Agency Ref: CB/LM3182LF. Also registered with ICO in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act 1998 Ref:Z1865522


Worried about what can and can't be put in shredding sacks for disposal, staples, plastic folders etc etc( most things are ok to go through these powerful shredders, then either go to our FAQ's or

 Please get in touch and we will be happy to answer any further queries and organise a convenient secure way to deal with your confidential papers.


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