Onsite Shredding North London

There are countless ways that you can benefit from the competitive shredding services that we provide at Doxbond Cambridge.


We offer our professional services to businesses of all sizes- ensuring that you maintain client and company confidentiality.

What is onsite shredding North London?

Onsite shredding North London is one of the services that we are proud to supply at Doxbond. To save you the hassle, we take care of the disposal of documents that incorporate private and confidential data - providing you with peace of mind that they are out of reach of prying hands.

We specialise in onsite shredding, so regardless of whether you’re looking for home shredding or office shredding, we make sure that paper documents are handled carefully and destructed effectively.

  • Home shredding

To make it easier for you to remove documents that contain personal details (whether it be your name, address, account information or passwords), we bring our secure paper destruction services to you- ensuring that they are disposed of in the most suitable way possible.

  • Office shredding

Here at Doxbond, we offer our services to clients from the commercial sector. We can provide you with a flexible service that suits your business best- arranging onsite shredding for a time that is convenient for you.

How to decide whether onsite shredding North London is right for you?

Our onsite shredding services could be right for you if you’re looking for safe, affordable and quick shredding services in North London.


The first thing you’ll need to do before you decide if you can benefit from onsite shredding North London is to consider how much paper you will need to shred. After this, you’ll then need to think about how often you’ll need to have documents shredded. We aim to provide a solution for all volumes of confidential waste and ensure that it is shredded completely, right before your eyes.


Purchasing an office shredder is ideal if you’re looking to get rid of documents quickly- without needing to store them. For some businesses, onsite shredding North London is a much more convenient way to remove them as it allows them to get rid of them in bulk.

What to expect from onsite shredding North London?

At Doxbond, we shred all documents using our state of the art shredding machines and aim to provide you with the best experience possible. One of the main advantages of our shredding services is that our shredding machines are designed to shred huge volumes of paper waste, where an office shredder can heat up quickly and burn out.


Once we have shredded your documents, we provide a declaration of destruction which will then be followed by a certificate of destruction. We provide the certificate of destruction as proof of compliance with data protection.


Choosing onsite shredding North London from Doxbond will provide you with an enhanced level of security.


Find out whether you could benefit from the flexible services that we offer by calling us on 01223 964 379 today.


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