Onsite Shredding in Newmarket 

What is one of the most effective ways to recycle your confidential waste? By taking advantage of our fantastic onsite shredding service. Doxbond Cambridge were established in 1992 and we can use this substantial experience to help you keep your business safe. Do you work in the Newmarket area? Then you can benefit from our shredding expertise. You may find it difficult to make the time to process your confidential waste – that’s why we come to you and conduct the onsite shredding at a time to suit you. In addition to destroying and recycling your paperwork, you can have the confidence that any waste has been processed in line with industry standards. What if you have large volumes of confidential waste to recycle?


Our onsite shredding service across the Newmarket area can handle any amount of paperwork. You may have been tempted to shred your own papers, but have found that it takes too much time. Domestic shredders are good for small everyday amounts of paper, but they are not designed for high volume work. We can recycle huge quantities very quickly – you will be amazed at how cost-effective this is. How much will this service cost you? This depends on how much your confidential waste weighs – we charge by the weight, which is a convenient way to receive an accurate price. This represents excellent overall value, as our onsite shredding provision is very competitively priced.


In addition to our UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification for quality management, we have received a local award for the large amount of superb customer recommendations. So, if you are based in the Newmarket area, you can experience our high-quality onsite shredding service, to effectively process your confidential wastage. We will issue you with a certificate as evidence of any paperwork that we destroy and recycle.


For more information on our onsite shredding provision for those in the Newmarket region, please call us today on 01223 964 379. We look forward to hearing from you.


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