Onsite Shredding Services in London 

Keeping the office tidy is seemingly a chore these days, however, this doesn’t have to be the case, because here at Doxbond we provide onsite shredding in London to help to eliminate the number of documents you have lying around the office.


With the need for privacy on the increase, you don’t want to store clients private and confidential information in the office for too long- not only will it compromise their safety and privacy, it’ll mean that you haven’t been following the Data Protection Act!


We have developed our services to the extent where you don’t even have to lift a finger! This doesn’t only make it easier for you, it enables you to continue with your day to day duties with little disruption. We can bring our mobile shredding unit to your office and shred any papers, at your convenience.


Not only can we destroy your confidential waste, we will recycle it too, right before your eyes. One of the main advantages of onsite shredding London is that you have the opportunity to witness your confidential waste being shredding.


Here at Doxbond, we provide peace of mind, ensuring that you can maintain your client’s confidentiality. We are able to adapt our services to suit your business needs and requirements, after all, we consider customer service to be at the heart of all provision.


The price you pay is simply dependent on the volume of waste you produce. We calculate the weight of paper you need to be shredded and charge you accordingly, ensuring that you only pay for what you dispose of! If you have a heap of papers that need to be shredded, look no further than Doxbond!


Our Onsite Shredding London services are tailored to your business needs so should you require any further information, then please get in touch with our team of experts.


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