Onsite Shredding Peterborough 

Heard good things about onsite shredding in Peterborough and wondering how your business could benefit? You’ve come to the right place.


Here at Doxbond, we specialise in secure, confidential document shredding throughout the East of England. We have a fantastic reputation for exceptional customer service and delivering unrivalled value for money through our state of the art technology and competent personnel. Over the past 25 years, we have helped many businesses in Peterborough to dispose of documents both quickly and safely. So, why not let us help you?


What do we do?

The way onsite shredding in Peterborough works is straightforward.


Whether you’re an SME (small to medium enterprise) or a large blue-chip organisation, we bring our shredding services to you. In doing so, we save you the hassle of bringing documents to our shredding facility or buying a home office shredder and destroying papers yourself. And, the best thing is, you can witness your documents being shred first hand!


With onsite shredding in Peterborough, you can rely on Doxbond to handle your documents with utmost care – ensuring that they are disposed of correctly and, more importantly, safely. Our fast and efficient on-site shredding machines are suitable for all kinds of documents, including business reports, invoices, legal documents, HMRC letters, medical records and payroll – to name just a few – and you needn’t worry about removing staples or paperclips!


As soon as your documents have been shred, we will issue a certificate of destruction, outlining the weight and details of the collection. You will need to hold this certification on file for six years.


We will then compact the shredded waste from your business into the rear compartment of our vehicle, where it will be locked and transported to our depot, baled and collected for recycling. Onsite shredding in Peterborough is that simple.


How can you benefit from onsite shredding in Peterborough?

In light of recent years, and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations), many businesses have had to tighten their data protection rules, including how they protect physical documents. The penalties for failing to protect data – particularly belonging to clientele – can be significant. However, onsite shredding in Peterborough can help to keep your business safe and reputation intact.


Shredding documents that you don’t need is good business practice and allows for a more productive environment for your staff. It also prevents the office from looking untidy and anything less than professional, and helps to keep your clients and employees personal information safe and secure – reducing the risk of identity theft.


Doing your bit for the environment and going paperless? Fantastic! You may think that our shredding services won’t be of much use to you but, the chances are, you’ll still get the occasional advertisement leaflet or document pushed through the door. That’s why we tailor our onsite shredding services in Peterborough around what works best for you and can schedule collection on an ad-hoc or one-off basis.


If your business relies heavily on paper, either for note-taking or hand-drawn designs, and receives a lot of mail in the post, this too is no issue for Doxbond. We are very flexible and can offer our services on a daily, weekly or monthly term. The great news is, we don’t tie you into any length contracts either, so you can utilise our services as and when you like.


Contact Doxbond

If onsite shredding in Peterborough is something you’d be interested in for your business, get in touch with us today. We are always on hand to share our expertise and will gladly answer your questions. Simply give us a call on 01440 714 100, email enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk or complete the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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