Onsite Shredding in Leeds

Are you searching for a confidential waste company? Doxbond are industry specialists in

onsite shredding and we have nearly 25 years of experience. Every business needs to

protect its own privacy, in addition to any client’s sensitive information. If you are based in

Leeds or the surrounding area, we offer an invaluable mobile service where we come to you

and carry out onsite shredding on your premises. As well as saving you time, it can also

save your business money. Why can you trust us to handle your confidential waste



We have received the UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certification for quality management,

which is a standard of excellence. We are proud of this and we are continually looking for

ways to improve our service level, especially regarding our fantastic onsite shredding facility.


You may produce large volumes of waste documents, depending on the size of your

business. We are capable of shredding virtually any amount of confidential waste, for those

in the Leeds area. How much does this service cost? This provision is competitively priced

based on the weight of your waste items. This represents excellent value for money and you

will only pay for what we shred. Why use domestic or office shredders which are only

suitable for smaller amounts of waste? This method can consume a lot of valuable company

time and be counterproductive. Our onsite shredding service is quick, effective, and



We also offer a confidential waste collection service for your convenience. Whenever we

handle and recycle your confidential waste, you will be issued with a certificate in line with

industry regulations.


Would you like any additional information about our onsite shredding service or document

waste collection provision? Then why not give us a call today!



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