Onsite Shredding Essex


Are you an Essex business, looking to maintain the confidentiality of your clients? Why not take advantage of Doxbond’s onsite shredding services in Essex?

Leaving documents containing personal information in the office overnight is not recommended and makes it easy for opportunistic criminals to get their hands on details that should either be kept secure or shredded straight away.

What do we do?

Here at Doxbond, we have more than 26 years’ experience when it comes to onsite shredding and offer our services to businesses of all sizes. We take care of the documents that you no longer want or need and make sure that they are disposed of safely.

Specialising in onsite shredding in Essex, we can effectively save you time, effort and money. We bring our services to you, saving you the hassle of filling storage boxes with documents and transporting them to our shredding facilities. In doing so, we also provide minimal disruption, allowing you to continue working - making no sacrifice to productivity in the workplace.

The cost of onsite shredding in Essex depends on the number of documents you need to dispose of. To ensure you receive the best value for your money, we calculate exactly how many documents you need to shred and charge accordingly - making sure you only pay for what we shred.


Onsite shredding in Essex is seen as a more convenient alternative to purchasing your own office shredder. Although you’d be able to shred documents whenever you need, we offer regular, ad-hoc or one-off onsite shredding services to suit the requirements of all businesses.


At Doxbond, we arrange our services around what works best for you, guaranteeing a flexible solution. We make sure that confidential waste is disposed of in line with British Regulations and provide a Certificate of Destruction to give you peace of mind that documents are disposed of correctly - ultimately preventing confidentiality breaches.


What can we shred?

To help your business stay on top of paperwork, and to keep your office organised, we offer onsite shredding in Essex. We make it easy for you to get rid of official documents or notes that belong to your business, employees or clients.


Documents containing personal details need to be shredded - be it financial information about your business, documents belonging to clients or employee data.


We can shred documents that include:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Employee numbers
  • Card details
  • Bank account details
  • Passwords

For more information about onsite shredding in Essex, call us on 01223 964 379 or email us at enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk. Our team of experts will be more than happy to help.


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