Onsite Shredding East London

Here at Doxbond Cambridge, we make things easier by bringing our shredding services to you. Delivering our extensive range of services to customers based in Greater London, we think nothing less than providing onsite shredding East London for businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Aiming to satisfy the demands of all industries, we provide onsite shredding East London to enable our clients to dispose of documents and data that is no longer wanted or needed. We also consider no project to be too big or too small, so there’s no reason why you can’t benefit from our convenient shredding services.

How does Onsite Shredding work?

Onsite shredding is just one of the services that we provide to save you time, effort and money, allowing you to maintain maximum functionality. We bring our document destruction services to you.


With onsite shredding East London, you pass the responsibility to our team of experienced professionals who take care of waste disposal and in choosing Doxbond Cambridge, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands because we make sure that waste is disposed of properly- removing any trace of personal information.


We shred documents right before your eyes to provide you with the peace of mind that they are completely destroyed. Shredding documents makes it difficult for opportunistic thieves to get their hands on your private and confidential information.

What can we shred?

At Doxbond, we can help you to get rid of any documents that you don’t want to leave in the office overnight. If you have any documents in the office containing the following details, you could benefit from onsite shredding East London:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Bank Details
  • Contact Information
  • Customer Number
  • Passwords
  • PIN
  • Usernames

We also offer onsite shredding East London for documents that have reached their retention period, so if your documents are no longer needed to be stored safely we can dispose of them for you.

Why Onsite Shredding?

It’s likely that you already know just how important it is to dispose of waste correctly but with documents- it can be so easy to just throw them in the bin or paper bag. Onsite shredding East London is offered as a more convenient alternative to purchasing a home office shredder.


In order to protect the confidentiality of your clients, you need to remove private documents from the office or at least store them somewhere secure. Onsite shredding is a great way to maintain a tidy environment and ensures that paperwork is stored in an organised manner.


Our onsite shredding services provide less disruption to your working day and reduce the need to pack up all of your documents and transport them to your nearest shredding facilities.


The cost of onsite shredding East London is competitive and we ensure that you only pay for the volume of documents that need to be shred.


For more information about our shredding services, don’t hesitate to call us on 01223 964 379 today!


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