File Management in Cambridge

Need a little help with records management in Cambridge? Look no further.


Here at Doxbond, we understand that businesses generate a lot of paper and digital records which soon add up. However, these must be stored somewhere safe – ideally in a lockable filing cabinet or off-site at a secure storage facility – and you need to know what they are used for, who can access them and exactly where they are stored.


Luckily, we specialise in records management in Cambridge and have been providing local companies with secure document storage for the past 25 years. Why not join them and take advantage of our cost-effective services and relax knowing that your digital and paper files are stored properly?


What is a record?


Put simply, any information that is created, received and maintained as evidence by an organisation or individual is categorically a ‘record’.


It could be anything from a till receipt or invoice to something more serious, like a final report or video footage, which could be used in pursuance of a legal obligation.


Other examples of records include:


-       emails

-       faxes

-       letters

-       maps

-       minutes from a meeting

-       policies

-       research data

-       samples and objects

-       social media

-       spreadsheets

-       text messages

What does records management in Cambridge entail?


The way records management in Cambridge works is simple.


No matter how big or small your business, and how many records you have, we will tailor our services around what works best for you.


The first thing we will do is schedule a convenient time to come and collect your records. We’ll then transport them – using our company fleet – to our specialist document storage facility which is highly secure with strict access control.


Once we arrive, we will make sure that your documents, files and electronic media are all kept together (in a barcoded box) and log it on our database, so we know where it is when you come to retrieve it. But we ask that you give us notice as access is granted on an appointment-only basis.


Every record has a lifespan. If you no longer need records, let us know and we can discard of them upon request. With records management in Cambridge, we also give you the opportunity to witness them being shred at our facility.


How can your business benefit from records management in Cambridge?


Storing records (both paper and electronic) securely, and with 100% compliance, on-site can be easier said than done.


How do you know they’ve not been moved by someone else in the office? What if you have a lot of records that need to be kept on file? Have you got the time to sift and sort through them?


It’s for this reason, many companies outsource their document storage to a provider who specialises in records management in Cambridge, like us at Doxbond.


One of the biggest benefits is that our team will work closely with you and define a clear strategy which enables you to protect your records and get on with your daily duties. Records management in Cambridge is also guaranteed to save you time and money that would otherwise be spent on administrative tasks.


For more information about our storage and management services in Cambridge, call 01440 714 100 or email, and we’ll get back to you.


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