What makes Doxbond different from other document management companies?

It's become a bit of a cliche to harp on about customer service, but we really believe it's what makes us different. We're a family-run business with over 30 years of experience, and we know that our reputation depends on our performance.

We like to get to know you. It makes it easier to work together and enables us to provide you with exactly the service you need. And since we're independent, we make our own rules, which gives us more flexibility when you need something out of the ordinary.

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How will your service work for me?

In short, we tailor our service to your requirements. If you just want offsite document storage with infrequent access, that's fine. If you want a full management package - regular collection, indexing, secure storage, retrieval and confidential destruction we will provide that. Just tell us what you need.

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How secure is Doxbond's storage? Will my documents be safe?

Your documents are stored on our premises, within a gated estate, where they're protected by a monitored intruder alarm, linked to the authorities , and 24-hour CCTV. All our staff members carry identification cards, wear branded uniforms and sign confidentiality agreements, and our vans are liveried with full company details, for your peace of mind.

We also sign an agreement with you, guaranteeing confidentiality. If you'd like to know more, full details are available upon request.


How do you charge for storage?

We charge per box, per week. This means that you're only charged for the number of boxes you store, not for empty space. You will be invoiced monthly, in arrears.


Do you come and collect our documents?

Yes, we collect all new boxes and files for storage from your current storage location, usually FREE of charge. Subsequent collections are free of charge within a 25 mile radius of our premises.


How do we get our documents back when we need them?

If our standard Next Day service isn't quick enough, we also offer Same Day, Emergency and even Out of Hours access to your files. If you need information immediately we can arrange fax or email. Our next day service price includes up to 5 files or boxes or multiples thereof. We will keep in touch to put a delivery day and time in that suits your needs.

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Am I tied into a lengthy contract ?

No, the initial contract can be for 1 year, after that it renews for yearly periods. You can though fix your contract for 2 years or sometimes more which will in most cases secure your storage prices for that time. Please let us know and we can work out the best agreement for you.


How do I prepare my documents for storage?

As much or as little as you like. If you already have a database filing system, you can keep using that. We’ll issue you with a unique customer code and log your numbering system, which will be cross-referenced with our bar-codes.

If you're starting a new filing system, you can choose whether we give you bar-codes to put on your files or code the boxes before scanning, providing you with the numbers afterwards.

Alternatively, we can do it all: listing, indexing and boxing the files, giving each item a bar-code. We'll then give you detailed reference lists for your records.

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What if we want to destroy some documents after a certain length of time?

We can do it for you; we just need written confirmation from an authorized member of staff. The boxes or files are shredded onsite, and you'll receive a certificate of secure destruction.

If you give us destruction dates when you store your files, we can issue you with a reminder as the date approaches.

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How does the confidential waste collection service work?

We provide the bags and security ties, which we collect at a time that's convenient to you. Back onsite, the files are shredded by our partner under our supervision, before being baled and recycled. You'll receive a certificate of secure destruction once the files have been shredded to industry standards. We can provide other solutions depending on your needs, such as shredding cabinets/consoles for your office or one off bulk collections, we will always be flexible so that we find the right answer for your needs.

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How much does confidential waste collection cost?

Not as much as you think ! Our clients are often surprised at just how cost - effective it is, particularly when compared to the price per hour of having staff shred documents with a standard office shredder.

There's no minimum requirement for collection, but we have a sliding scale of charges. Naturally, we charge less per bag for large collections, but that doesn't mean you'll pay the earth if you only have a few bags for collection. Please contact us and we can provide a bespoke package to suit your circumstances.


Do you collect Domestic & Personal confidential waste for shredding?

Yes we do, as we don't have a minimum requirement we are happy to collect from residential properties either for business or personal confidential papers. You receive a certificate for all documents that are shredded. This can be bank statements, CVs, Insurance information and all manner of other important paperwork.


What is ISO 9001 accreditation?

ISO 9001 is a Quality management accreditation which is designed to make sure we keep improving our company processes and customer service to all our clients. TUV Nord a third party certification body regulated by UKAS audit our company yearly to ensure we maintain the correct standards and that there is evidence of continued improvement for our company and more importantly customers.


Do we need to remove staples binders etc before bagging the confidential papers for collection and disposal ?

Most items can be shredded, if there are staples they DO NOT need to be removed, metal fastenings are also ok, as are plastic and cardboard sleeves. We recommend removing papers from Lever Arch and Box files as they are harder to shred, fill the sacks quickly making things less cost effective and can also be used again. If you are sending boxes of paper though lever arch files can be kept in them as the new shredding machines can shred these items more easily these days. 
We provide a Media disposal service for tapes, discs etc but these items must always be presented separately from paper waste. Just bag them up and we can deal with these too.


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