Document storage is a great choice if you’re moving to new business premises in Ipswich and don’t have anywhere to put your records. It’s also ideal if your home or office is lacking space.

The truth is, not many people are keen on the idea of storing private and confidential documents off-site – but there are countless ways in which you can benefit from handing over the reins to documents storage specialists, like us at Doxbond.

What do we do?

Here at Doxbond, we are experts when it comes to document storage in Ipswich (or nearby) and have been working with clients in this area for the past 26 years. Aside from storage, we strive to make things easier for you – saving you the space, time and effort that comes with sorting, storing and finding important documents. That’s why we offer a host of additional services, including:

  • Document indexing
  • Document management
  • Document retrieval
  • Document scanning
  • Document shredding

How does document storage in Ipswich work?

If you’re worried about storing your documents off-site, relax. The process of Ipswich document storage is very simple, and we can assure you that your files will be stored securely at our premises.

Whether it be one box or thousands of boxes, we will schedule a convenient time to come and collect your records. This not only saves you a trip to Haverhill but allows our team to label your boxes with a barcode, box number and your customer code before arriving at our warehouse.

The next step for document storage near Ipswich is to use our state-of-the-art barcoding system to assign your box(es) a unique shelf position. This allows us to monitor the whereabouts of your archives and quickly identify them when you need to retrieve or add items.

As much as we’d like to say you can come and visit our storage facility whenever you like, we operate on a closed-basis to ensure maximum security for your private and confidential records. So, if you need a document ASAP, or you’ve got a stack of papers that need moving, please don’t drive to our facility unless you have an appointment. Instead, call the team on 01440 714 100. We will do everything we can to return your documents within one day, or come and pick them up at our earliest convenience.

Enquire about document storage in Ipswich

At Doxbond, we are proud to say that we are well-connected with Ipswich and this is where some of our longest-standing clients are based. Over the years, we have earned a fantastic reputation amongst various sectors and adapted our services and solutions to suit the needs of our customers.

When travelling down the A14, we also offer our document storage services to customers in Stowmarket, Elmswell and other surrounding areas. So whether you require document storage in Ipswich, or anywhere else, be sure to contact the team today.


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