From personal data and private records to bank statements and contracts, it’s extremely important you’re disposing of your confidential business waste correctly.


Your company’s integrity and reputation depend on the proper removal and disposal of your sensitive materials, and no company can afford to underestimate the cost of their information falling into the wrong hands.


Not only could you face prosecution if you don’t get rid of your confidential waste properly, but you also run the risk of your identity being stolen or your intellectual properties being shared or copied without your authorisation.


This can include things like old CV’s or application forms, financial records like invoices or bank statements, health records – literally anything you wouldn’t want anybody else getting hold of.



A tailored solution for confidential waste disposal in Bury St Neots


Confidential waste disposal is simple with us.



We work with a range of businesses and offer everything from standard bag collections to bins, consoles and even onsite shredding for larger, bulkier jobs.


We’ve also started offering secure disposal services for computer hard drives, laptops, PC towers and other equipment.


Confidential wate is shredded on our site to British industry standards (BS EN15713) and you can view the full procedures, certification information and other details here.


Want us to collect your confidential waste?


Just send us an email or give us a call on 01440 714 010 to get in touch with one of our experts and become one of our many satisfied clients!




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