Onsite Shredding In Bury St Edmunds

Are you based in Bury St Edmunds? Doxbond provides onsite shredding services to cater for your business specific needs and requirements. If your business generates a lot of confidential waste, Doxbond Cambridge can meet your demands. With the need to dispose of private and confidential information on the increase, Doxbond has provided a convenient service that is quick and cost-effective, saving you valuable time and money!


Our mobile shredding service is ideal if you work within a busy industry and cannot dedicate the time to finding a shredding machine or taking your paper to be recycled. Our onsite shredding services in Bury St Edmunds is efficient in terms of offering a mobile service, coming to your business and shredding your documents for you, using our industrial shredding machine.


It’s not only our responsibility to destroy papers, that you no longer require, that have your personal information on; we are responsible for recycling the paper too. The confidential waste that is produced by the shredder is then taken to the recycling centre, so you needn’t worry about this!


Once your documents have been shredded, we take care of the waste and provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, this is our proof that your privacy hasn’t been compromised.


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