Effective Onsite Shredding for Your Business

Stories of confidential material accidentally left on trains or falling into the wrong hands hit the headlines far too often. They are a stark reminder of the need for businesses to handle data correctly. Data Protection Laws are clear about both the storage and disposal of information. However, in a busy workplace, this guidance can easily be forgotten. Mistakes happen, and sensitive information ends up in the bin or left lying around. Compliance with these laws is vital. Not just for retaining the trust and respect of clients, but also in avoiding fines. Sadly, it is not as simple as sending someone out to buy a shredder. Most machines are not up to the job. They do not destroy documents effectively and are unable to cope with the amount of paper an office can generate. And they do not tackle the problem of disposing of digital data, like hard drives, DVDs or memory sticks.

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A Guide to Effective Data Destruction

Securing data is a vital task that helps protect personal information, banking data and sensitive files from unwanted access. It is an unfortunate fact of our highly connected world that data can be stolen and used illegally. While software is now commonplace that helps protect internet users from having their information being taken online, this information still physically exists on the computer. Once a hard drive or computer is no longer needed, the issue of safe disposal can be difficult.

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Is Document Scanning the Future?

Whether you like it or not, technology is moving forward at exciting, or alarming rates, depending on which way you look at it. Virtually every sector in the world has been affected by this, including that of document storage, as online has become king and that virtual minefield that is the cloud has started to take over. This has made document scanning companies a lot more popular in recent years. The pros and cons of the cloud can be saved for a different argument, but one thing is undeniable, it is much easier for storing a large number of documents.

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Filing backlog? Don’t panic…

Whether your summer holidays are done and dusted or you’re still counting the days to the last-minute panic-pack, it’s understandable if sorting out your filing has slipped down your ‘to do’ list.

But if you’re constantly putting off organising your archives because you’re just too busy, even though you need to get them offsite for reasons of space or security, then why not let us do it for you?

It’s easy as 1-2-3…

  1. Give us a call on 01223 964379
  2. Tell us how you’d like your archives to be indexed
  3. Put the kettle on!

We’ll come and collect your documents, cataloguing them to your specifications – we can even barcode individual files if that’s what suits you best. If you have a large number of documents to be indexed, we’ll keep you updated as we progress with the task. We’ll then provide you with a cross-referenced list to make it easy to retrieve the files when you need them.

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Business Continuity

“Want to be in our directory of Business Continuity service providers?”

Come on, it doesn’t cost a penny! All we ask is that you attend at least one of our workshops, and that your services will either help our members with their business continuity planning, or provide immediate assistance if the worst should happen.

Want to know more? Call 01223 964379 or drop us a line at enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk for a no-obligation quotation. And feel free to ask us about business continuity, too.

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Top dog, top secret

How secure are your documents? With hackers hitting the headlines on several occasions recently, many of our clients have been re-examining the security of their document storage.

Our office hounds, Fetchit and Shreddit, are keen to point out that when you entrust your files to us, we don’t go barking your confidential details around the neighbourhood. Your files are kept in our highly secure premises, and are protected by Red Care intruder alarms, CCTV and a fire detection system.

We also sign a confidentiality agreement with you, and all our staff members are checked with the Criminal Records Bureau.

But most importantly, as an independent, family-run company, we care what you think of us. We like to form a strong relationship with you, so that your trust isn’t just based on the contents of a legal document.

Admittedly, the CRB don’t check dogs, but we know where these two live… and we’ve got a firm hand on the doggy chocs.

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Schnaff! (Could you give the dog a job?)

“Grrrrrrschnaff-schnaff-schnaff! Grrrrrr… Rrmf… Schnaff! Schnaff!”

What’s that? Ah, it’s just Shreddit, doing his thing again. For those of you who’ve not met him yet, Shreddit is the toothy offspring of our faithful office hound, Fetchit.

His habit of sneaking off with documents and schnaffing them into tiny pieces was becoming a bit of a problem until we realised that a lot of our clients were wasting time shredding their own documents. Imagine that!

Doing some pretty speedy brainwork (if we do say so ourselves), we employed the little chap to help us destroy our clients’ confidential waste. Now he can schnaff away to his heart’s content while he helps keep your confidential waste confidential.

If you’re still shredding your own documents, maybe it’s time to give the dog a job…

We provide a convenient collection service for your confidential waste. We’ll always call at a time that’s convenient to you, and there are no quotas to reach: you can dispose of as few, or as many, documents as you like. We’ll even provide you with bags and security ties. No mess, no fuss, no stress.

Your documents will be shredded at our site before being recycled by our shredding partner, and you’ll receive a certificate of secure destruction for your records.

“Save time…”

No more hours in front of the shredder!

“Save space… “

No more unwanted files taking up valuable office space.

“Save money…”

Not convinced? Get a no-obligation quote and put us to the test.

“…and keep it confidential!”

Oh, and the serious stuff: Doxbond is registered to carry waste (Environment Agency Reg No: CB/LM3182LF) and has exemption for storing waste.

Want to know more? Call 01440 714100 or drop us a line at enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk for a no-obligation quotation.

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Spring into action and save yourself..

Yes, winter’s finally on the way out and it’s time to get stuck into the spring cleaning once again. But it’s not just those dusty nooks and crannies you should be sprucing up: how about dusting off your business continuity plan and giving it a bit of an overhaul?

And if that last sentence made you raise your eyebrows, and think, “Business continuity plan…?!” then pin back your ears…

You put a huge amount of time, effort and care into building your business, so it makes sense to protect your assets. An unforeseen crisis, such as a fire or flood, can have a catastrophic effect on your business (not to mention your income). It could even threaten its existence, so it makes sense to plan ahead in case the worst should happen.

At Doxbond, we’ve been busy helping to set up the Business Continuity Network. We’re hoping to create a thriving community that helps small to medium businesses (SMEs) to help themselves – and each other – to become more resilient in times of crisis.

We want to establish a genuinely supportive network that’s not focused on profit: it’s all about getting through the hard times together. So if your company has a contribution to make to the business continuity of others we’d very much like to hear from you – so we can discuss adding you to our list of recommended suppliers.

Did you know…?

  • 90% of companies that suffer a major business continuity event and don’t have a continuity plan close within 18 months.
  • 85% of companies that lose vital data close within two years.

“We might not get many earthquakes and tsunamis in East Anglia, but it still pays to be prepared.”

You can find out more on our website, www.biz-continuity.co.uk. There’s a guide to putting together a business continuity strategy; informative articles and a directory of service providers who can help provide a strong framework for your business continuity plans. Keep an eye on the site for details of forthcoming workshops, too.

Aviva’s bi-annual SME Pulse survey found that business owners grossly underestimate the time it can take to return to normal trading following a serious incident. 33% believe it would take them just one week, and 31% estimating one month. However, according to Aviva’s team of commercial specialists, a return to full normal trading can often take a business more than a year. The survey also found that just 28% of those surveyed had a business continuity plan in place.

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Pay for what you store… and no more!

When you’re calculating your storage costs, self-storage can look like a great deal. But – guess what? – we’d like to tell you why we’re cheaper. OK, so you’re probably rolling your eyes now, but bear with us on this one…

Self-storage space is charged by the unit. Which is great when you’re only using one unit. But what if you’re using one-and-a-bit units? Well, in terms of cost, one-and-a-bit equals two. Which means you’re paying for space you’re not using. Factor in the cost of going backwards and forwards to retrieve the documents you need – in both time and money – and your self-storage price starts to look a bit less attractive.

At Doxbond, we charge storage space by the box, so you pay for exactly what you’ve got in storage – no more, no less. We collect your files for you, and drop them right back to your door when you need them, saving you time and effort. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our clients, a firm of solicitors, has to say…


We need to retain some of our files for 16 years, so we want to be sure they’re held securely and are readily available if we need them.

We’d been using our own storage facilities, but Doxbond gave us a very competitive price – we’ve saved on storage costs and reduced the amount of time that our staff are spending on document storage and retrieval.

We’re very pleased with the service. In fact, we’ve recently taken out a second contract for our other offices.

This client’s archives are now safely held in our highly secure archives, and they’re winning on cost. Their documents are protected by Red Care intruder alarms, 24-hour CCTV, and a fire detection system. When they need something from the archive, we deliver it quickly – Next Day, Same Day or 90-min Express – and at a time that fits their schedule.

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Being destructive can save you money!

It’s simple maths. Whether you store your documents onsite or use an offsite management company, ridding yourself of files you no longer need will save you time, space and money.

Of course, you’re required to keep all financial documentation for 7 years for VAT purposes (and your industry may have additional rules and regulations), but by disposing of unwanted files you’ll create space, cut storage costs and rid yourself of unnecessary clutter.

So, what should you do with your obsolete files? With identity theft on the increase, it’s wise to dispose of them securely. We provide a speedy collection service for confidential waste: we’ll ensure your files are shredded and disposed of securely, and that the waste is recycled. Then we’ll issue you with a certificate of destruction. If your files are stored with us, just send us written notification and we’ll do the rest.


Our premises could easily become swamped in paper, so we routinely check our old files and Doxbond dispose of those which we no longer need in a secure and confidential manner. We receive a certificate of secure destruction for each batch of files, and the process allows us to limit our storage costs.

We’ve found Doxbond to be reliable and efficient service providers. We’ve worked well together for more than 10 years.

Practice Manager
Solicitors, Bury St Edmunds

When clients want to keep their documents, they are safely held in our highly secure archives, and they’re still winning on cost. Their documents are protected by Red Care intruder alarms, 24-hour CCTV, and a fire detection system. When they need something from the archive, we deliver it quickly – Next Day, Same Day or 90-min Express – and at a time that fits their schedule.

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