Confidential Waste & how to deal with it

Over the last 10-15 years we have all become far more aware of the need to keep our own personal information safe for reasons of potential fraud etc

Those of us in business who keep customer information of varying degrees of importance will also have become more conscious of how we store and dispose of client records. The data protection act 1998 has also brought this more sharply into focus.

By using an outsourced company it saves you and your staff, the time spent over a shredder feeding through documents. The confidential paperwork is taken away to a secure premises to be dealt with or shredded on your site. You will also be issued with a certificate of secure destruction when the job is done. Don’t assume that your volume of confidential waste will be insignificant, we certainly don’t mind taking 1 or 2 bags away.

A problem if you do shred your own paperwork is what to do with the shredding afterwards. Are you happy dropping even thinly shredded paper down at the local tip or having it collected as part of a general council service.
A registered waste carrier will understand the sensitivities involved and then recycle after shredding and baling the paper under strict industry standards.

It pays to be very careful about your procedures. In 2009 a local hospital were shocked to find that some of their patient records turned up in a box packing Jewellery ! (see link below for full story) This illustrates that you must really take great care that you know where your confidential client data is going, when disposing of it.
So make sure you have a convenient, efficient local provider, who doesn’t leave your documents sitting around taking up space in your office and saves your staff the effort of lugging bags of shredding around.

Consider a regular collection from private licensed company so you can have peace of mind.

Thanks for reading, if you have any anecdotal stories related to the security of information please let us know.

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