Onsite Or Offsite Shredding

Shredding is a great way to remove any trace of private or confidential data but how do you decide between onsite shredding and offsite shredding? Let Doxbond help you to understand the key differences between the two.

Onsite Shredding

Onsite Shredding is the most secure way to remove documents from the office – best suited to businesses who handle very large volumes of sensitive data or have industry specific regulations. With onsite shredding, a specialist truck arrives at your work premises.

One of the expert operators will collect the documents you don’t want or need before shredding them onsite and taking the paper back to base for pulping and eventual recycling.

You have the opportunity to watch documents being shredded, right before your own eyes, if that is what’s required by you or your regulators.

Onsite shredding is also useful if you have a bulk amount of waste that isn’t bagged or boxed or is in a building that’s difficult to access.

Offsite Shredding

Instead of being destructed immediately, documents are disposed of imminently with offsite shredding. Documents are collected from your business in a locked, secure vehicle. They are then transported to a secure facility where they are held in a special area before being shredded onsite.

State of the art shredding machines are used for offsite shredding and are capable of shredding more than 100 tonnes of documents, every day. Shredding is done to specific BS EN 15713 standards.

Full certification is provided for GDPR and compliance purposes, as it is for onsite shredding.

We recommend offsite shredding for all clients who have sacks or boxes full of waste and want a secure cost effective solution.

Charges are usually less offsite so it works very well for lower volume collections in terms of cost.

Also the speed of collection is reduced so if the premises are in a town centre or busy road the job will be done in less time, causing less disruption.

Key differences between onsite and offsite shredding:

Although onsite shredding costs slightly more than offsite shredding, documents are handled by fewer people, posing less risk. Our operative will shred documents onsite.

When we bring our shredding services to you, we make sure that documents are disposed of quickly – without compromising privacy and confidentiality and with as little disruption as possible. The onsite shredding solutions we arrange at Doxbond are perfect for big one off jobs where the papers are loose or are very high in volume.

Offsite shredding allows you to conveniently get rid of documents, as of and when they are produced, so you can maintain an organised office environment.

Costs are also reduced without sacrificing security.

We always issue a ‘certificate of destruction’ once your documents have been shredded, giving you the peace of mind that your documents cannot be stolen, damaged or used fraudulently.

Get in touch

Need to know more about our on or offsite shredding services? The Doxbond experts are always on hand to help and will gladly guide and advise you to ensure you benefit from the most professional, affordable confidential waste disposal solution.

Call us on 01223 964 379 or email us at enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk to find out more today.


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