The main benefits of Confidential Waste Disposal

Do you know important it can be to ensure the proper disposal of your documents? Here at Doxbond, we understand the seriousness of confidential waste disposal. As document storage specialists, our services also allow us to make sure that your confidential documentation goes to the right place when needed to be discarded so that it is not possible for it to fall into the wrong hands. We understand how beneficial it is, but do you? Read on to find out the positive factors of confidential waste collection.

Peace of mind

The proper process of discarding confidential waste allows less stress to individuals believe it or not. For example, when it comes to large companies that are in the business of storing and securing confidential information on a person or establishment, there is the need to properly dispose of documents and discs with such information. The lack of organisation in doing so can lead to blame being placed on someone and potentially dismissal from a job. But thanks to our service of confidential waste disposal, we can make sure that isn’t an issue.

Confidential Waste Collection allows for the disposal of confidential documentation and discs the moment you need us. We can ensure that you know your information is being destroyed in a way that they cannot be passed on or misplaced.

Less clutter

Don’t you just hate it when the office becomes filled with machine after machine? It can make space look a bit messy, which can be embarrassing if a client or someone from corporate comes to visit. The same can be said for the presentation of your own home. Machines that can make a place look cluttered are shredders and old computers that are no longer in use. You want to make sure that your office space or home is constantly spruced up and looking good, and we can help with that through our services.

Confidential waste collection not only gets informative documents and hardware away from prying eyes, but it also saves space! Your office or home can look less cramped that little bit more by having us come to you on whatever basis you wish to remove and discard any documentation you wish to be disposed of.

Creates Trust

In a professional job role where relationships with clients are important, it is imperative that documentation and hardware regarding them is kept private and is not misplaced or somehow put in the hands of those who have no right having it. The last thing you want to do is upset your client and these sorts of circumstances can do so.

But imagine if they knew that any information that is no longer required is being discarded through professional waste collection? How do you think that would make them feel? It would make them feel positive in the fact that you are handling their information professionally and courteously. This puts a bigger smile on your clients face and helps to cement that sense of trust between them and your company.

Regular or one time services

You may be an office based company as mentioned already. You may be a homeowner with piles of papers and information you no longer need. Whatever the reason, it is possible to get rid of such information through our disposal service on either a regular basis or just the one time. By contacting us, we can set up either a regular occurrence on which we will come to you and dispose of your waste, or we can arrange a simple one time service and have any waste out of your hair in no time. The choice is yours.

There are various incentives when it comes to our confidential waste disposal service. With our reliable track record and trustworthy workforce, we ensure all information is disposed of properly by British Industry Standards BS EN15713. We at Doxbond can have everything done in no time at all and leave you stress free. For more information on this service, get in touch by calling 01223 964 379 or emailing

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