Why Choose Doxbond Cambridge?

It seems there are quite a few unhappy people and companies that do not feel they are getting a good service from their current archive storage provider. However, at the same time they feel trapped in because of excessive exit fees and complications that make it difficult financially and logistically to break away.

Typical problems are that smaller customer friendly independent firms are being taken over by large national and sometimes huge international records management companies who continue to acquire more and more competitors.

Clients obviously have no prior knowledge or say in these matters and suddenly they find themselves working with a new supplier and often with no point of contact. Records will be transported on mass from the previous storage facility and can even end up in far flung places as some companies have bases many miles from the local region.

Quite often records cannot be found and severe problems can be caused which disrupts meetings with clients with ongoing projects. Confidence is completely lost in the supplier as account managers are not familiar with these accounts and who is in charge of each account can often change too.

Doxbond have been looking at ways we could help with these issues as we feel frustrated too. We could have a lot more customers and could be providing them with much better levels of service and communication in relation to your account and archives.

There are traditional ways such as us offering free collection from your current provider. This involves taking on all the haulage and transportation costs and also offering up to 3 months rent free period when boxes come in. However, with some exit charges being quite high and excessive this can still be a stumbling block.

One thing to do can be to dispute and not accept the full charges as they can be unreasonable and if the company has let you down in areas of their service you could find that they have been breaching their terms of contract. Also, if you find out when your contract runs until you can then give the necessary notice period that means you will not be tied in past your contract date.

There are other options too!

We can offer a full cost comparison to see if we can match or beat your current storage and management fees. This allows you to find out if you could be paying less moving forward and for a better service too.

Once costing becomes clear we can take in any new boxes that you want to store offsite. This helps you to get a feel for how we work and also allows you to test out our service skills on a small scale. After a few months if you feel we are the company for you, we can start to plan further ahead with you to bring the older archives in as part of our continued service.

If you think it will be too much bother and hassle to move the older boxes, then we can just keep taking on your new archiving, leaving your older documents with your previous supplier.

Older materials can then be slimmed as they reach their retention period and is destroyed. This is something we have done with a couple of our clients already. They have then done exercises to bring in files from the old supplier and they then either destroy or rebox files before sending those documents on to us.

However, if you feel your current service is not good enough then we can arrange a gradual migration of the full archive. You can retrieve groups of boxes from your supplier in 20s, 50s or whatever you have room for and then permanently remove them from their system. This normally incurs a permanent removal cost but would stop storage costs with them from that point.

You get to check out the condition of the boxes and repack any that require it before we come to collect them free of charge. We then bring your items into storage for you. We also advise checking all boxes your current storage provider say they have are actually present and ready to be moved to our secure facility. We update your inventory each time a new batch comes in to ensure you know where all your boxes are situated.

A gradual removal of your items in storage will not stop you being charged but may work out slightly cheaper than pulling and shutting an account in full and in one go. If anything, it certainly spreads the cost of removal over a much longer period.

We understand it is not a perfect solution and it would be better if we could find a way to teleport them over from their shelves to ours and with no costs attached but unfortunately that is not reality! But it is an option to move the archives into a more customer friendly environment and one where we offer you a communicative and efficient solution.

As one of the last local independent providers in the region we are always keen to take on new clients in the area to provide them with the customer care they deserve. If you think this could work for you please do not hesitate to get in touch for a chat. Contact us by calling 01223 964 379 or email us at enquiries@doxbondcambridge.co.uk.

Bullet Points from above:

1.)    Companies are finding themselves trapped in by big storage companies who are acquiring their previous customer friendly firms but providing poor service once they takeover

2.)    Long contracts and excessive exit charges are prohibiting people from breaking away from this situation

Typical Issues are:

A.)    NO point of contact or ever changing account managers who know little or nothing about their account

B.)    Lost records caused by mass movement of files and boxes after company acquisitions and no real knowledge or understanding of individual inventories or accounts

How Can We Help & What Can You Do?

A.)    Free Collection from your current supplier

B.)    Free rental period to offset some exit costs

C.)    Check if any breach of contract has occurred along with checking contract length and if you are still tied into a contract

D.)    Dispute exit fees if you think they are excessive

Easing the Pain

A.)    Firstly we can offer a full cost comparison on all areas of your current service. If we can match or beat your current charges, then by moving you will not pay more and could end up making a saving. More importantly you will be getting a better service.

B.)    Even if your tied into contact for some time this does not mean you have to keep adding to your archive, we could take any new boxes you have for storage giving you the opportunity to test our service on a small scale. After a period of time if you feel we are the company for you we could start to plan migration of your other archive boxes.

C.)    If you are tied in for years or you think it is too much hassle to move the historical documents, then we could just keep on taking your new records. Then you just slim your current storage over time by destroying them as they reach their retention periods.

Gradual migration is an option too, rather than pull out a huge number of boxes in one go and be hit with a huge bill all at once, if you call back and permanently remove groups of items in small batches then charges will be incurred but will be spread over a longer period. We could then collect them free of charge from your premises.


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