5 Things you must take into account with document storage services

Regardless of what industry you work in, we can bet that your office is full of sensitive data and critical information belonging to your clients! Documents requiring storage can be anything from company records and employee information to sales and invoices.

The best thing to do is to declutter your office and remove any unwanted paperwork from your working environment. You need to be able to pinpoint exactly where crucial documents are when there comes a time that you need them. Could you benefit from document storage from Doxbond Cambridge?

Our document storage solutions provide a suitable off-site strategy for disposing of waste. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration with document storage services, but that’s where we can help you!

1. Access.

Leaving your documents in storage is seemingly the best way to keep your documents safe, rather than in the office. Our document storage services provide you with the space to grow, preventing any important documents from going walkabouts.

The storage facilities that we provide at Doxbond Cambridge are controlled by CCTV, ensuring that access is restricted. If you need to retrieve any documents from our storage facility, this is not a problem. In order to retrieve what is rightfully yours, you will need to arrange an appointment prior to visiting our secure premises.

2. Security.

You need to make sure that sensitive data in your office is protected. Sensitive data refers to anything that includes a customer’s name, address, D.O.B or bank account details. Should any of these end up in the wrong hands, your client’s identity could be stolen.

We specialise in document storage services to help you to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your clientele and to prevent any damage to vital documents. We supply each customer with a box for storing documents. This box includes a unique number and barcode that makes document retrieval easier.

3. Privacy.

When choosing document storage, you need to make sure that services are bonded by the Data Protection Act; if they are, you can rest assured that your client’s privacy and confidentiality is protected.

Doxbond Cambridge store your documents safely, offering utmost privacy. Our document storage services are on an appointment basis only. If you want to retrieve any documents from our warehouse, you cannot just turn up, unfortunately; you’ll need to arrange an appointment before you visit our premises.

CCTV is in operation at our warehouse 24-hours a day, ensuring that your documents are stored securely.

4. Cost.

Don’t underestimate document storage! We can offer an affordable solution for all of our customers. As a result of storing your documents off-site, you needn’t worry about keeping your office organised or breaking the bank.

Document storage will provide you with a solution for storing your documents off-site, eliminating the need to invest in more storage equipment.

At Doxbond Cambridge, we consider no storage problem to be too big or too small; we can collect as little as 1 box of documents, right up to 1,000 boxes- accommodating the specific requirements of your business.

5. Insurance.

Included in the document storage services that we specialise in, you’ll notice the cost of insurance. Our services cover every aspect of your document storage, protecting all of your archived documents.

Our document storage services are delivered to put your mind at ease, providing you with all you can possibly need to enhance privacy and confidentiality within your office. Document storage is arranged to provide you with greater convenience and a dynamic alternative to storing items on site.

The team at Doxbond Cambridge can collect, store, retrieve and dispose of documents that you no longer need cluttering up your office. Be sure to find out more about the extensive range of services that we provide.

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