Saving you time, space and money with Document Storage

You need to make sure that your client’s confidentiality is never compromised – Doxbond Cambridge have just the solution! We cater for all London businesses, including those with the savviest of needs.

Understandably, modern innovations are most preferable, storing data digitally, rather than having hardcopies splashed around the office.

And if your hardcopies are taking up too much space, and with little time to sort through them or search for those key pieces of information you require.

Then look no further than Doxbond Cambridge, as we can help save you money, time and effort, and here’s how…


Nobody likes wasting their time, sifting through stacks and stacks of papers; why make things difficult for yourself?

Doxbond Cambridge are the experts when it comes to keeping track of documents, we offer document storage in London to suit the requirements of all industries, providing you with a solution for locating any important documents.

It’s thought that generally, we spend 50% of our time searching for documents before we eventually find them. Leaving documents to clutter up the office in a fast-paced environment is not ideal; you need to choose a suitable solution to save time.

We provide document storage in London to prevent time wasting, allowing your employees to concentrate their efforts on more important responsibilities.


No matter how big or small your industry is, we can help you to maximise the space in your London office effectively. Piling up files in the office will only make your office feel less professional.

To make your office more welcoming and user-friendly, you need to be prepared to invest in document storage in London. Doxbond Cambridge can provide you with any information you require to fill the gaps in your knowledge, however, we provide a suitable storage solution for maximising space and maintaining client confidentiality.

Paperwork that’s stored all across the office will restrict movement, providing limitations for your workforce to perform to the best of their ability. We can help you to make your office more comfortable and organised, and the simple solution is in the form of document storage!


You want to avoid paying the fine for not following strict policy! Disposing of your client’s details incorrectly will leave you susceptible to fines- can you afford to pay the price for not disposing or storing any private and confidential material safely?

Doxbond Cambridge can help you to prevent your employees wasting their time. Instead of spending time raiding through mounds of papers, you want to keep your documents organised, making it easier for you to find them when there comes a time that you need them most!

It’s only right that the payroll is done effectively, making sure that all employees are paid equally for the hours they work. If employees spend time looking for documents, they are essentially wasting their time, meaning they’re paid for not doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Our document storage in London doesn’t only save your business space, we can prevent the need for you to spend more money on ink, reprinting documents.

Is document storage just what you need for your business? Don’t hesitate to get in touch, we will be more than willing to provide you with a suitable document storage solution!
Call 01223 964 379 today!


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