Onsite Shredding – What to look out for?

When it comes to protecting your client’s confidentiality, it’s no surprise that onsite shredding springs to mind. Onsite shredding has countless benefits across a spectrum of industries, so whether you’re looking to dispose of excess paperwork or personal details of your customers, Doxbond Cambridge have the perfect solution, waiting for you!

You want to be sure that onsite shredding is right for you- here are some tips to help you to decide whether a company’s onsite shredding services are suitable…


Make sure that you choose onsite shredding that is trustworthy. Needless to say, you want to maintain your client confidentiality and choosing to shred your documents onsite shouldn’t compromise this!

The team at Doxbond Cambridge have a wealth of experience when it comes to taking care of documents, ensuring that they are disposed of in the correct manner.

Environmental responsibility.

Keeping on top of client documentation doesn’t have to be difficult; we can help you to not only protect the identity of your client’s but also protect the environment, ensuring that all paperwork is recycled.

As a trusted establishment, Doxbond Cambridge is dedicated to providing you with a high-quality service, one that has a positive impact on the environment- can you afford not to find out more about our onsite shredding services?


Nobody likes a hassle-free service, do they? Here at Doxbond, we make sure that you don’t waste any time travelling to have documents shredded safely, we bring our services to you, at a time that suits you best!

So, whether you’re looking for a one-off service or a sporadic service, we are guaranteed to offer a convenient service, taking into consideration your needs and wants.


Time is of the essence. You don’t want to wait around for your documents to be shredded, you need it to be quick and easy, providing minimal disruption to your working day.

With our onsite shredding, you can focus your efforts on your business operations, prioritising the needs of your business, why we take care of any personal documentation.


Leaving any sensitive data in the office overnight will only lead to more problems than it’s worth. To avoid serious consequences, we recommend you dispose of any confidential waste and what better way to do so than onsite shredding?

The services that we provide at Doxbond are all carried out by professionals so you needn’t worry… you’re in capable hands!


Looking for a way to keep the office tidy? Onsite shredding is exactly what you need!

By shredding any old documents or files with client details on, you’re not only preventing the risk of identity fraud, you can also maintain the functionality of your office, making it easier to pinpoint exactly where things are.


We can bet you want to keep costs at an all-time low, and rightfully so! We can help you to save money that you would spend on purchasing an office shredder, ultimately enabling you to maximise your bottom-line profits.

The onsite shredding that we provide is guaranteed to make it more affordable for you to maintain your client’s confidentiality; for us, no volume is too big or too small- it’s all part of our convenient service!

Be sure to find out more today!




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