Why Your Business Needs Onsite Shredding

If you follow the news these days, it feels like there have never been more data breaches, hacks and releases of confidential information – like there has never been a more dangerous time for confidential information. You’re right to feel that way – leaks, hacks and the theft of sensitive information are more prevalent now than ever before, so steps must be taken to ensure your business protects itself and its clients.

Onsite shredding services in London from Doxbond Cambridge are the perfect solution when it comes to preserving the integrity of your data security – while conventional shredding may be defeated by piecing the destroyed document back together, Doxbond’s shredding techniques ensure complete and final destruction of the document, meeting UK Government regulations.

Doxbond’s onsite shredding is perfect for those who want to see the document being destroyed and get the full peace of mind that comes with knowing it has been disposed of securely. Doxbond will even provide a certificate of destruction to put your mind at ease and provide legal cover, proving that you had the document in question destroyed to UK Government standards.

Employing Doxbond to destroy your confidential documents for you will also save you considerable time and money: while a shredder may seem like a small investment for an office, sorting through documents, protecting them and finding the time to shred them all often isn’t – an office shredder can only handle a few pages at once, and each one can be reconstructed with patience and a little tape. The time taken to shred large documents, or large volumes of paper, can quickly become prohibitive, and may even tempt you to hire additional staff to manage the destruction of these documents.

However, instead of buying additional shredders and hiring additional staff, you could save yourself time and money by simply employing Doxbond Cambridge’s onsite shredding services in London. With a competitive price range, we charge based on weight of paper destroyed, rather than by time spent, and can work through huge volumes of documentation quickly and easily, saving you the cost of hiring additional staff or the cost of lost productivity due to the time investment of doing your own shredding.

Onsite shredding is not only suitable for paper shredding, as an office shredder would be, but is also capable of destroying other media. Whether the confidential data you want to dispose of has been stored on a hard drive, disk, USB drive or other storage system, our high-power shredders can completely destroy the medium and the data within. Paperless data is even more vulnerable than paper documents in today’s world – so protect yourself with secure disposal services.

Onsite shredding services in London, provided by Doxbond Cambridge, can ensure your business has a secure, confidential means of disposing of unwanted sensitive information – and one that saves you time and money. Provided with a certificate of disposal, you’ll be sure that the documents have been destroyed to UK Government standards, and will have the peace of mind and legal protection that comes with knowing that you’ve left the destruction to the professionals.

If you are interested in trying Doxbond Cambridge’s secure onsite shredding services, don’t hesitate to call us on 01223 964 379 or visit our site today!



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