5 Reasons why Onsite Shredding is right for your business

Onsite shredding provides secure disposal of important documents for all business types. Increasingly more companies are wanting to maximise their privacy and confidentiality to ensure that they maintain their positive reputation.

The disposal of private documents needs to be safe and secure, not only to protect your clientele and prevent fraudulent acts against them and your company. There are several ways in which your business can benefit from our onsite shredding services in London, and here’s exactly how!

Ad-hoc shredding.

No matter how much confidential waste your business provides, Doxbond Cambridge can provide our onsite shredding services in London and across the UK to facilitate your corporate needs accordingly.

Our ad-hoc onsite shredding services are ideal for companies that don’t have piles of documents to shred on a regular basis, but enough to clog up the office and threaten the confidentiality of customers.

Onsite shredding can be offered on a one-off basis, providing you with greater convenience. Our services are suitable if you’re having a periodic clear out and need to dispose of confidential documents safely.

Regular shredding.

Here at Doxbond, we provide onsite shredding, all day every day so you needn’t look any further if you’re looking for a reliable service. Doxbond makes sure that you receive the highest degree of security, regardless which of our services suit your requirements best.

The onsite shredding services in London are tailored to suit your business’ needs specifically, including an array of volumes. If your business has immense volumes of confidential waste to dispose of, you can’t beat our onsite shredding services.

Our regular shredding collection services are ideal if you want to protect your client’s confidentiality, ensuring that documentation isn’t stored in the office for long periods of time, becoming a potential data breach risk.


Onsite shredding services in London are not just appropriate for papers but other forms media too. If you need to dispose of confidential data that is stored on hard drives, disks or USB’s, we can prevent your data from being leaked and being intercepted by the wrong hands.

The process of media onsite disposal is straightforward. We can put your mind at rest by destroying any files permanently that are no longer required, disposing of documents, data and software which could potentially threaten the privacy and confidentiality of your company and customers.

Paperless data is just as important as any other form of confidential data,  and we can bring our services to you, making the destruction process much more convenient and reducing the risk for you!


When it comes to finding onsite shredding services in London that are affordable and efficent, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Doxbond Cambridge we make sure that each one of the services we provide is priced appropriately, ensuring that you receive the best value for money.

The cost of onsite shredding is based on weight, meaning that you only pay for what you shred. Doxbond facilitates all business needs to ensure that you find a suitable solution for preventing data breaches.


You want to choose services that are reliable when customers privacy is concerned. We provide onsite shredding that’s safe and secure, allowing you to destroy any documentation that is no longer required.

Once we have shredded your confidential waste, we will present you with a certification of destruction, proving that there is no trace of the document.

In addition to this, we also encourage you to keep your office space tidy and professional, ensuring that important documents don’t go missing or piled up with a whole heap of papers! If you need our help to regain your office space, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of experts, we will be more than willing to offer our onsite shredding services in London!

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