4 Reasons why you should choose Onsite Shredding

Don’t let your personal information fall into the wrong hands, choose onsite shredding from Doxbond Cambridge. The need for confidentiality is greater, now than ever before. And here at Doxbond Cambridge, we aim to protect your business, employee and client privacy by offering onsite shredding services, which are flexible to your business’ needs. There are countless advantages to onsite shredding, but what do are they? Let’s take at four important reasons why your business needs onsite shredding services today!

Providing peace of mind.

If you’re looking for the proper disposal of personal information, Doxbond Cambridge can help. Having an office shredder may seem like a promising idea, however, it’s not as safe or secure as our onsite shredding services.

An office shredder will shred documents vertically but these can quite easily be reconstructed- piecing together the shredded documents like a jigsaw, we’ve all seen the movies and cop shows, this ultimately defeats your original object, you may as well not shred the documents in the first place! Whereas our onsite shredding services ensure the complete destruction of your confidential documents, meeting UK Government regulations.


For onsite shredding services, consider Doxbond Cambridge. Our services are effective, we ensure that we work towards the government requirements, allowing you to feel secure that your company’s privacy remains private and confidential.

Doxbond guarantees your personal information is disposed of safely. Onsite shredding services are ideal if you want to witness your paper being disposed of completely; you’ll be provided with a Certificate of Destruction to provide you with full peace of mind and legal security!

Saving you time.

Looking and sorting through paperwork for it to be shredded can be extremely time-consuming. An office shredder will only allow you to shred a few pages at a time, whereas the onsite shredding services we provide are more accommodating, allowing us to shred large quantities of paper at once, providing you with as little disruption as possible!

If you want your business to operate smoothly, you can’t go wrong with onsite shredding. You don’t have to reserve any space for the shredding equipment, as we can bring our secure shredding equipment to your office when it’s required, perform the disposal of confidential information and leave your office as it was.

Money saving

Where there is already an immense workload, you may think it’s virtually impossible to dispose of private documentation on top of everything else you have to do. However, Doxbond can help you to spend your time wisely.

Rather than hiring more professionals (which can be expensive for your business), we can destroy and recycle your confidential waste easily at a competitive price, with us charging on weight rather than time taken.

Onsite shredding helps to minimise the risks associated with data protection breaches, keeping your customers happy and providing them with the reassurance that their personal information any private documents are disposed of under-regulated guidelines by an industry leading document storage disposal specialist.

We provide quality management for confidential waste disposal – Interested in finding out more get in touch with us today!


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