4 Time-Saving Tips for Spring Cleaning your Office Space

We spend so much time promoting the idea that a ‘tidy room is a tidy mind’ when it comes to our personal lives, but the sentiment seems to get lost when it comes to our working environment. With paperwork backing up left, right and centre for starters; it’s no wonder that we’re often struggling to stay focused in our 9-to-5s.

Naturally, productivity is at the forefront of any business’ success, meaning that all available steps to boost it ought to be taken. As we come into the season, we thought we’d offer up our top spring cleaning tips for your office:

Feng-Shui That Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have ample space to play with in your office, aim to face desks towards a window – the influx of natural light will promote heightened mood due to Vitamin D exposure – or at least opt for curtains that welcome light.

This is a given, but easily overlooked with the stresses of daily working life: remove old furniture and update when it’s starting to look bedraggled. There’s nothing more demotivating than working in a squalid environment that sparks little-to-no inspiration.

Clear Out Unnecessary Computer Files

It’s so easy to let your computer filing system dissolve into complete disarray. Whilst this mightn’t seem like a huge deal, take a moment to think – how much time do you waste weekly searching for that pesky missing document? Have you ever misplaced a presentation just before you were about to show it?

If you (begrudgingly) answered yes, get your team to take an hour out of their schedule to organise their documents, images and emails – watch how seamlessly everything will begin to play out as a consequence.

Dig Yourself Out of That Desk

Stop reading – look down at your desk. Is it meticulously organised, with every vital piece of equipment to hand? We’ll wager a bet that you muttered a resounding “no” there, right? Whilst it can be difficult to keep on top of the mess on your desk, it is worth that extra five minutes a couple of times a day.

Use the time to prioritise your goals for the day – clear off the desk and then write a to-do list for the next couple of hours. You’ll see your productivity levels lift in droves.

Purge Your Paperwork

Paperwork is still an unavoidable aspect of any working environment, even in the technologically-minded world we currently inhabit. Consequently, it can sometimes feel like you’re being bogged down in old invoices, correspondence and admin – often leading to misplacement of the most important pieces when you actually do need them.

Document retrieval services are perfect for any company that deals with an influx of paperwork, storing your documents away from the office in an expertly organised fashion, ready for you to retrieve individual pieces when you need them.

With companies like Doxbond offering a number of document retrieval services based on the situation’s urgency, such as Same Day, Next Day and 90min Express, there’s no logic in keeping your paperwork in the office, in chaos.

Contact Doxbond today to see how they can work with your business to create an ideal document storage and retrieval solution for you.


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