Save Time with Our Onsite Shredding and Collection Service

In this age of electronic technology, isn’t it amazing how much paper we still use? Without it we would be lost. In your business, you may handle thousands of sheets of papers which could include confidential information. What if you need to recycle or shred confidential waste? You might use your office shredder and assign shredding duties to various members of staff. If you have a lot of paper to shred, is this the most cost-effective way to handle these documents? Or is there a much more effective and efficient way to process your waste items? Doxbond Cambridge can handle all your confidential waste documents to save you valuable time.

Collection and Shredding Service

We offer a specialist confidential waste collection and shredding service. We can collect your confidential waste and process it off-site if it suits you. We can handle any amounts of wastepaper and tailor our service provision to your individual needs. Our onsite shredding service means that we can come to your business premises. This is for your convenience and will mean that you won’t have to handle your own waste items, which will save you a lot of time and energy. But how does this contrast with handling your own waste documents?

Office Shredders

Are office shredders really the best way to process your confidential waste? They aren’t always designed to cope with heavy loads of paper on a daily basis. Even if you have a decent quality shredder, how much are you inadvertently paying to assign someone to shredding duties? To cover the wages of junior members of staff could still cost you a lot more than you think. How much do you pay to process each sack of paper at a specialist recycling centre? All these unseen expenses can quickly add up. Does your shredder breakdown from time to time? Can it cope with many sheets of paper at the same time or does it jam up? How much is it costing your company to maintain your office shredder?Maybe it’s time to review how you recycle your confidential waste.

The Efficient and Effective Option

Our confidential waste service is efficient and effective – you only pay by weight. There are no hidden charges and you will be amazed at how quickly we can process your documents.Whether you prefer us to come to you and carry out onsite shredding, or you favour our collection service, either way can save you time and money. Our onsite service is perfect for massive quantities of confidential waste documents, including up to a ton or more. Do you have a few sacks of paper to process? The collection provision can accommodate small volumes, or 50 or more sacks – we will do our best to meet your business requirements.

Secure Shredding Service

There will never be any breaches of confidentiality when we handle your paper waste. How can we guarantee this? Because we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction as evidence that your documents have been destroyed in line with the Data Protection Act. Not only is our service secure, we are convinced that the way we handle your confidential waste will save you time, which could save you money too.

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