To Shred or not to Shred?

The need to ensure all documentation relating to client confidentiality is securely stored: and documented confidential and personal information no longer required is properly destroyed, has never been greater than in the digital age in which we live. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, anything less can leave companies and individuals open to prosecution.

With identification fraud increasing, industrial spying, and personal and business accounts being compromised, it is no longer adequate to throw unwanted documents of any type into a bin bag, and put them out with the rubbish. There are unsavoury characters out there who make a lucrative living going through other people’s waste. They glean every little bit of personal and business information they can to sell on, or use to hack into accounts online.

Yes, buying a home or office shredder could do the job, but in a busy office, it’s another chore that staff are likely to forget, or leave till tomorrow. And the longer it’s left, the greater the chance of private, sensitive details, falling into the wrong hands.

Confidential waste shredding by specialist companies is nothing new. Here at Doxbond, we specialise in the secure storage of all forms of confidential, private, and personal information throughout the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and Suffolk areas. Our business also includes confidential waste collection, and confidential waste shredding.

We have over 20 years’ professional experience in the destruction of sensitive material using professional document shredding equipment. We can visit your premises to carry out onsite shredding, while at the same time ensuring that sensitive data stored on your company’s computer hard drives is destroyed and irretrievable if required.

Whether at home, or business, all our clients are offered a totally bespoke service tailored to their individual needs. We offer high security document, tape, and disc storage; data retrieval across all platforms, information destruction and secure confidential document shredding on our premises, or onsite shredding of sensitive documents at your premises.

While the protection of your customer and client details are the prime concern, our service provides other benefits which might not be immediately obvious. In a long established company, years of document storage may take up a whole room which could better be utilised as another work area. At Doxbond we are as happy storing one file, as 1,000 box files. Don’t just assume all your unwanted but still sensitive documents will be completely destroyed when you throw them into your recycling skip. All our document shredding is carried out under high security, then baled and recycled, helping us to keep your costs down, by keeping our costs down.

Secure document storage, data retrieval, confidential waste collection, and total data and document destruction, may be more cost effective than you think. Contact us today, and discuss how we can help ensure all your sensitive and confidential information is securely stored, and when required, properly and irretrievably destroyed.

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