Schnaff! (Could you give the dog a job?)

“Grrrrrrschnaff-schnaff-schnaff! Grrrrrr… Rrmf… Schnaff! Schnaff!”

What’s that? Ah, it’s just Shreddit, doing his thing again. For those of you who’ve not met him yet, Shreddit is the toothy offspring of our faithful office hound, Fetchit.

His habit of sneaking off with documents and schnaffing them into tiny pieces was becoming a bit of a problem until we realised that a lot of our clients were wasting time shredding their own documents. Imagine that!

Doing some pretty speedy brainwork (if we do say so ourselves), we employed the little chap to help us destroy our clients’ confidential waste. Now he can schnaff away to his heart’s content while he helps keep your confidential waste confidential.

If you’re still shredding your own documents, maybe it’s time to give the dog a job…

We provide a convenient collection service for your confidential waste. We’ll always call at a time that’s convenient to you, and there are no quotas to reach: you can dispose of as few, or as many, documents as you like. We’ll even provide you with bags and security ties. No mess, no fuss, no stress.

Your documents will be shredded at our site before being recycled by our shredding partner, and you’ll receive a certificate of secure destruction for your records.

“Save time…”

No more hours in front of the shredder!

“Save space… “

No more unwanted files taking up valuable office space.

“Save money…”

Not convinced? Get a no-obligation quote and put us to the test.

“…and keep it confidential!”

Oh, and the serious stuff: Doxbond is registered to carry waste (Environment Agency Reg No: CB/LM3182LF) and has exemption for storing waste.

Want to know more? Call 01440 714100 or drop us a line at for a no-obligation quotation.

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