Be efficient, it will save you space & money

If you run a business from an office or home, it’s difficult not to accumulate paper. Sales invoices, accounts and many other records are required to be retained for a certain length of time.

Therefore depending on the size of business and the space available, it’s either a case of using out sourced document storage and management or finding somewhere on site, to put it all.

One good way to save money is to have a regular efficient destruction programme. Most accounts information needs to be kept between 6 and 7 years ( check with your accountant if you are unsure about any specific items ). Consequently when documents reach their shelf life you can get rid of them.

If you are using an offsite records management service, then inform them and have them disposed of, which saves you storage costs or in smaller businesses, it can just save and create a great deal of space.

If you need any further information about storage, management or disposal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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