Is it worth shredding your own papers ?

Do you often spend an hour or so shredding documents ? It might not be in one go and a normal office shredder can take some time to get through all your confidential office documents meaning the time soon adds up.

How much do you charge per hour for your time £15,£30, £50 or maybe much more. Even if you get your office junior or a student in holiday time to do this job there going to be paid about £6 an hour.

We charge £5.50 per sack which will conservatively fit 15 kilos of waste paper in.

Just fill up a bag with confidential items and do it up with with one of our security ties.

It’s then taken to our secure warehouse where the papers are shredded on site to specific standards.

So why waste your precious time and that of your staff. Just bag it and have us remove it at a time that is convenient to you. Once it has been shredded we issue you with a certificate of secure destruction.

If you want any more details, contact us we can provide a range of solutions including bins or pleasant looking cabinets that don’t clutter up your office space.

Theres no contract so if you don’t fill your bags or bins one month we won’t come back until they are full.

So there you go easy, well priced and convenient and confidential, let us know if you want to give it a try.

Thanks for reading

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