Networking Opportunities

Networking is an ongoing process and is not just restricted to an event you may attend. It’s essential to keep your eyes and ears open all the time.

I’d like to share a couple of anecdotal stories of how networking has worked in different ways for me outside of the usual parameters.

A few years ago I attended a business link course in Bury St Edmunds. I got chatting to a guy who was in a family business that did catering supplies.

When I told him about our document management services he seemed interested in finding out some more details.

After a few months and some further discussions his company became a customer of ours.

This isn’t a great illustration of how networking generally works as it is usually a much longer process and is not normally such a direct sell but it highlights a different point which is if you are out there talking and meeting people then oppotunities do arise.

The second tale goes back about 18 months. I was at a charity event up North and one of my friends mentioned a person at a nearby table who I recognised by sight. When he told me the name of his company I became interested as I have had some dealings with them in the past.

I went and spoke to this guy a bit later and it turned out he had a contact at an Archive storage company up his way.

We exchanged details and the other Document storage firm helped me with some invaluable information and advice on implementing our new barcoding system.

Now if I had tried to contact this person in his office on a week day without a prior introduction I would have had no chance but because we both support the same football team and have a lot of mutual friends we can talk very comfortably and also discuss business.

This situation wasn’t contrived it just happened so if you keep switched on at all times lots of opportunities to help your business can pop out of nowhere.

So it just shows you don’t need to be a 24 hour A DAY 365 day a year salesman but if you meet enough people and chat, opportunities can present themselves when you least expect them.

Thanks for reading.

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